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PATHS 2.0 : Extended Version!

P.A.T.H.S. is Matt's newest release to the mentalism community, providing a treatise on the subject of progressive anagrams.  

This manuscript contains all of Matt's best work regarding this classic concept, featuring new, in-depth systems to deceptively employ these techniques in the real world.  
There are three specific 'paths' that are covered, each providing a logical approach to hide the process of progressing through an anagram. The main focus of this book is on presentation, but there are also many unique anagrams and fresh concepts which are outlined.  

There are anagrams for Nintendo characters, months, and star signs. 

There are even new anagram designs that mix multiple categories together, creating the illusion of endless choices! 

 "Alphagram" will be the highlight of the book for many, and for good reason. This is a practical method and presentation to perform a progressive anagram on the English alphabet, learning any random letter that a spectator thinks of!  The participant can think of ANY short word or name, and we can deceptively guess it using the "Alphagram" system. 

With brand new thoughts on structuring and presenting anagrams, P.A.T.H.S. is likely to become a must-read book for any serious mentalist looking to study this subject.  If you've ever felt that progressive anagrams weren't deceptive enough, this may just be the work that converts you, and gets you started along the right path.  

"Well, Matt has come up with an idea that's hard to put into words or describe. It's a ploy? A verbal subterfuge? A psychological deception? I don't know...but it's really, really good! This makes anagram hunting as easy as shooting fish in a barrel...with a machine gun. This one basic idea allows you to use 'Yes' and 'No' answers as a way to get vital information without seeming to be wrong as you do it. Plus, he gives you some already made anagrams and many more ways to use his idea. System? Wording?'s good. Another bullet to put in your arsenal from Matt." 
Greg Arce  

"I've never been crazy about anagrams, but Matt found a nice way to approach them which eliminates what are normally the weak moments in the process. Triangulation and Alphagram are my favorites. I'm sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and soon Matt will surprise us with even more ideas on the topic." 
Luca Volpe  

"In these exciting works, Mello revisits some familiar landscape with a literally new path. It is a pleasure to read, and exciting to contemplate the possibilities. I will find uses for this, so will you." 
Marc Salem 

 "Guys this is seriously INCREDIBLE. If you have any interest in anagram work or if you have always hated it, this is for you. I consider myself very well versed in anagrams and this work elevates it all to a whole new level." 
Madison Hagler 

"If you're looking for a radically different approach to "Progressing Anagramically" that can restore your faith in this misunderstood technique then you are in the right place. Highly recommended!" 
Jacob Smith
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